Deception: A Drew Patrick Crime Thriller Novel
(Drew Patrick Private Investigator Series, #3)

“Edge of your seat writing.” – reader JoBear 


It started as a simple case. . .then the bodies started piling up.

Elizabeth Barlow hires private investigator Drew Patrick to gather evidence of her husband’s affair. But the truth is even more devastating. Nevin Barlow is entangled with some of Boston’s most dangerous figures, and Drew’s investigation leads deep into a shadowy world of money-laundering and murder.

When an informant is run down in the streets of Boston, Drew realizes just how far Nevin Barlow and his associates will go to keep their secrets from coming to light. But in a world of lies and deception, nothing stays secret forever. As Drew closes in on the truth he finds himself on the wrong side of both the FBI and Boston mobsters. A surprise twist will either prove his case or get him killed.

Witty and tough hard-boiled detective Drew Patrick returns in this gripping crime thriller novel that keeps the pages turning. Join the growing list of Drew Patrick fans in this impossible to put down series full of suspense, action, and crackling dialogue.


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